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How The Joshua Agency is Staying Covid-19 Safe

At The Joshua Agency, your safety is our highest priority.  These are the measures we're taking to ensure the health and safety of our customers and our employees:

  1. All vehicles and equipment (wheelchairs, seatbelts, etc.) are sanitized:

    • Before every shift

    • After every transport

    • At the end of the shift

  2. We use potent disinfectant solution to clean our vehicles

  3. Our drivers have their temperatures checked before every shift

  4. Drivers are issued full PPE including:

    • KN95 Respirators (FDA Approved)

    • 8ml or higher thickness gloves (Which are changed and discarded after every transport)

  5. We require ALL passengers to wear masks

    • Refusal to wear a mask will cancel the transport

  6. If a driver feels ill, has fever, or has had exposure, they are immediately pulled off the road, and sent for a rapid COVID-19 test

  7. When environmental temperature allows, windows will remain open during transport

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We accept Medicaid, All Major Credit Cards, Workers’ Compensation, & HMOs

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