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Frequently Asked

Questions are the answers to some frequently asked questions

  • Do you take Medicaid?
    No! The Joshua Agency is no a Medicaid provider.
  • Do you take Medicare?
    No, unfortunately, Medicare does not directly cover the cost of non-emergency medical transportation.
  • Can you bill my insurance directly?
    No, we do not bill your insurance company. The Josua Agency is a private pay service.
  • I'm located upstairs in my home, will you help me down the stairs?"
    Yes! We are a full service company, and will help you down the stairs safely.
  • How far in advance do I need to book your services?
    We prefer 24 hours notice to book a transport. However, we understand sometimes circumstances do not all 24 hours advance notice. We try our best to accomodate same day reservations. It's best to give us a call to make sure.
  • After you drop me off at my appointment, how long will I have to wait for my ride home?"
    It's our goal to transport you home as soon as possible. We give ourselves up to an hour for return home pickup. Return times can depend on many factors, such as the distance of your trip, the location of your drop off, the time of day, other riders in the field, and traffic. However, we do ask that you call us when you are completely ready to return home.
  • Can the driver wait for me?
    Yes! Our standard service is to drop off, and then return when you are ready, however if you'd like, the driver can wait for you at your appointment. Please call us and ask us for details.
  • Do you provide a wheelchair?
    No. We will gladly transport your wheelchair. However, we do not provide wheelchairs.
  • Do you provide stretcher service?
    No. If you need to go by stretcher, you'll likely have to go by Ambulance. However, we can arrange an ambulance to pick you up. Please call and ask about it.
  • Can you take me if I’m on Oxygen?
    Yes! As long as your Oxygen is portable, we can transport you! Please also note the expected duration of your stay, as well as travel time, and make sure to carry the appropriate amount of oxygen for your trip.
  • I'd like to arrange treasportation for multiple visits, is that possible?"
    Yes, we accomodate standing orders. Please call and arrange your transportation with us, and we'll take care of you!
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